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  • Makoto Maki Foundation is the trade name of the Dutch foundation “Stichting Makoto Maki Foundation”, which was formed by notarial deed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands , on May 26, 2003 by Mr Makoto Maki of Nagoya , Japan .

    The Makoto Maki Foundation aim is to contribute to the financing of the education of girls and boys in less developed countries. More specifically the foundation supports educational projects with no or low overhead in less developed countries, such as children’s homes.

    On this website the following information can be found:

    • Outline of investment strategy
    • Statement of Profits and Losses (SPL)
    • Overview of recent projects supported by the Makoto Maki Foundation Foundation
    • Information regarding the Makoto Maki Foundation: board composition, remuneration policy, tax status, contact details and address etc.
    • Application form for obtaining project support from the Makoto Maki Foundation


    The available current budget for project support is fully used; consequently new unsolicited requests for support will not be accepted.