The Dutch Tax Office tightens its control over tax exempted foundations (ANBI) in order to improve their accountability.

    It is therefore that the Makoto Maki Foundation is asked to make the following documents available for public display:

    • A policy plan of investment strategy in which we state the foundation’s structure, the aims that we want to strive for and the selection criteria for the projects that are eligible to fit within our scope.
    • Statement of financial activities, which is signed by the board of the Foundation during the meeting on August 18th , 2022 in Hoofddorp
    • Our Review of Projectpage shows you the multiple projects the Makoto Maki Foundation has embraced over the course of the last decade. A small summary of the goals of the project as well as a hyperlink to the projects’ official website.
    • The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam. In 2013 the composition of the board and their respective authority levels were as follows:


    Board members A

    Mr. Hiroyuki Maki

    • Board member since: 05/2003

    • Authority level: Independently authorized


    Board members B

    Mr. Satoshi Inaba

    • Board member since: 10/2020 

    • Authority level: Jointly authorized August 18th 2022


    Mr. Hidekazu Takagi

    • Board member since: 10/2019 

    • Authority level: Jointly authorized


    None of these board members receive any financial composition for fulfilling their responsibilities as board member.

  • Contactinformation

    Makoto Maki Foundation
    Saturnusstraat 46-62
    2132 HB Hoofddorp
    The Netherlands

    Tel: +31-(0)23-7993032

    E-mail: info@makotomakifoundation.org


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