Makoto Maki Foundation’s charitable funding focuses on children’s needs in poor and developing regions in areas of health, education and skills training. Any funding application to Makoto Maki Foundation should ideally meet the following criteria:

    • Working in partnership with local people
    • Minimal administrative costs/overhead expenses
    • Effective and responsible leadership in the organisation, planning and construction of a project
    • Maximising use of local resources and local labour
    • Reduction of dependency on external resources and improved self-sufficiency
    • Lasting benefits to individuals and/or communities
    • An ability to provide regular feedback and progress updates including photographs whenever possible
  • Procedure to apply


    Applications in English should be sent to:

    Stichting Makoto Maki Foundation

    ‘s-Gravenweg 83c

    2911 CE Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

    Attention: Mr A. Cooiman, secretary

    Tel: + 31(0)180-313981

    Fax: + 31(0)180-315259

    Or by e-mail to info@makotomakifoundation.org.