• Kofi Annan Business School Foundation

    The Kofi Annan Business School Foundation provides talented and motivated students from developing areas, who lack sufficient financial means, with the opportunity to study at and obtain a diploma from one of the associated business schools in Europe. These students, who are named KABS fellows, return to their home country with a wide range of extra knowledge and entrepreneurial capacities. This project is a direct implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals project.

    NCDC Girls Scholarship program

    This NCDC project aims to reduce the school drop-out of girls in the Ilam District in Nepal. Due to social, economic and cultural factors girls have very little chances to complete higher education, even if they did complete basic education. Moreover, the NCDC Girls Scholarship program stimulates cultural changes so that girls and children from ‘untouchable castes’ will be encouraged to go to school.

  • Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation in Ilam District of Nepal

    The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal destroyed many of the important infrastructure. The Karuna foundation has a firm network in place in the Ilam district of Nepal and was therewith able to temporarily adjust their aid to emergency services. In Rasuwa as many as 16 health centers were demolished. In communication with local authorities Karuna will erect several durable, earthquake-proof, prefabricated emergency health facilities, with a combined reach of 2,200 with a focus on children under 5.

    Rebuilding educational facilities and trauma counseling

    The report from the district shows that all of the schools in the district experienced some kind damage. More importantly though, many of the children are reluctant to return to school because of the fear that resulted from the earthquake. On top of organising the rebuilding of the schools which is an important step to continue education, Karuna offers trauma counselling for the children’s mental wellbeing.